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“ Receive with simplicity everything that happens to you. ”

—    Rashi (via purplebuddhaproject)


It’s a topless-painting tuesday for me, does this count? 
And I love your blog. Never stop helping people with their confidence, this is so important for us all.
And I hope you like this submission.

this is gorgeous and very creative. Thanks so much for joining us, T-i-m-f-t

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If there is anything that I’ve learned over the last several months, it’s fuck everyone.

I hate how hungry I get when I don’t smoke cigarettes..

Gonna eat some Wendy’s because who the fuck cares

im pretty good :) glad you've fund your keyboard. Hows life? Tell me aout your day? Where your from? What your favourite pass time is :)

A question by Anonymous

Life is life. Currently picking up the pieces to mine. I live in Ohio. Thankfully, my favorite season is coming up (winter) and I will be able participate in my favorite pass time, skiing!